Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting My Head Together

Ok, I know it has been a LONG time since I posted anything on this blog. I started the school year with BIG ambitions thinking I could be a one-woman-tech-hero. Yeah, not so much!

The school year started off a little rocky with all our new upgraded technology having some major glitches. I turned from helping teachers integrate technology to a IT person overnight. This was a not short-lived unfortunately and I felt like I was drowning. But, that experience taught me so much about how computers and networks work! I am able to troubleshoot so much more now independently. So needless to say, I felt like I was baptized by fire in this new role and actually glad I went through that experience.

After the rocky start to the year I felt like I was on a slick water slide with the amount of new educational technology tools I was being subjected to by my students, my district coordinator of technology information, my colleagues and my new found PLN. My head was spinning with excitement at all the possibilities! Every day I felt like I was learning about a new tool that I could help teachers utilize.

I know it is a few days early to make New Year's Resolutions but I am anxious to get a jump start. Here is my professional resolution for the new year: I want to post at least one blog a week about a new tool I utilized with students and/or teachers or about an experience integrating technology with students and/or teachers. To me this is a small goal since there are some many opportunities that pop up during the school day that I could blog about. I hope by starting small I will be successful!

To all the people in my PLN: you have truly inspired me and pushed me professional this school year and I can not wait to continue you to learn from you and share with you!