Sunday, January 24, 2010



That word instills fear in some, excitement in some and both for others. Change can be difficult, but I believe it is all in the way of how you approach it.

There are those that the word change makes their knees start shaking. They are like Chicken Little running around and screaming "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" They get all flustered at the slightest change and need lots of reassurance that things will be okay. They look to others for help without looking at what they themselves are capable of first.

There are those that embrace change. They are the ones that have no fear in trying something new and appear to be very accepting when things come their way. When change does fall in their lap, they persevere ahead and do not let it drag them down. It's like they don't even miss a beat!

Personally, I am someone who feels both. I tend to look change in the face and say "Come on and get me!", while in the pit of my stomach are butterflies fluttering about and banging into each other. On the eve of a change in our district technology this is exactly how I am feeling.

How do you approach change? Any tips to quiet the butterflies?


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  2. Ok, I had no idea you had a blog. I've linked you to ours. I'm with you on change. I embrace it, crave it, and need it to keep me stimulated. That being said, I can still have those moments of frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed, and the "idea" that I'll NEVER get my head treading water with all the change. You TST's ROCK!! We'd be lost without you. Keep Smiling!