Monday, August 3, 2009

New Journey

I am a teacher. I was a first grade teacher. This summer a new opportunity presented itself to me within my district and I took a leap of faith and threw my name in the hat. I interviewed, was offered and accepted a new position. I am now a Technology Support Teacher - What was I thinking??!!

It is with a sparkle of adventure in my eye that I embark on this new journey in my teaching career. In the very short amount of time I have been in this new position I have already gained an amazing amount of knowledge in just conversing with colleagues in what technology they have used, heard about, are interested in trying out and are wary of.

I figured what better way to share my experiences and learn from other techie teachers than through social I jumped on the bandwagon and am giving blogging a go!
In today's technology world there is a plethora of education software and internet based applications and programs.

With our 21st century learners using technology is essential and I want the best of the best for my teachers and students. I truly believe that learning can be obtained and shown through the use of technology in a variety of ways in order to meet all learners. From the student in Kindergarten that has never touched a mouse to the student in fifth grade that is creating his own digital portfolio it is my goal for all students to grow as learners through the use of technology.

My question to you is: What is one piece of software/website/technology tool that you can't see yourself teaching without this upcoming school year?

Please post your thoughts and I look forward to learning and growing this year!

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  1. Good question ... (and good luck!)
    What technology ... hmmmm ... I think using a classroom blog for publication remains a keystone to my writing program. It showcases the work of my sixth graders, allows parents and family to "see" (and listen) to the work being done in the class, and really opens up the concept of audience to young writers.