Saturday, August 22, 2009


This week most certainly has not gone as planned. In my mind all teachers would have their new laptops, the new network and wireless system would be up and running, and the printers would be actually be printing. This would free me up to start the real reason I took this job - working with teachers in collaborating with using technology in their teaching. Boy was I WRONG!!! Needless to say, not going into great detail, there was an emergency meeting followed by a whole week of troubleshooting and things are still not where they should be by now.

Kids come Tuesday!!!! We aren't ready!!

On one side I have learned a lot about imagining, networking, and binding computers. But, I believe more importantly, I have learned that teachers are flexible. I can't print in my classroom yet? Ok, I will email it to the secretary and get it done that way. I can't print in my building yet? Ok, I can put it on a flashdrive and print at home. You say my computer isn't ready yet? Ok, I can share with my colleague. It was amazing how teamwork came out of all of this.

With all of this my stress level kept rising throughout the week and I really appreciated the people that made me sit down, catch my breath, made sure I ate and listened to me have my "moments". As educators this time of year does bring out the stress in us and we need to remember to take time for ourselves. Remember to eat, hydrate and connect with others!

I know eventually things will be up and running smoothly and I am really looking forward to that day!!!

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