Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coffee Fail (Slice of Life Story Day Eleven)

Every morning I wake up and think of that beautiful first cup of coffee in the morning.  My coffee pot is pretty sweet because it has the function where you can set it the night before and schedule what time you want it to start brewing in the morning for you so when you walk to the coffee pot in the morning it's sitting there waiting for you like a warm, comfy blanket.

So this morning I walk into the kitchen almost tasting the first sip upon my lips when I see the empty coffee pot before me.  Apparently I had put new grounds in the night before but totally forgot the step of adding water into the reservoir.  Disappointment washed over me.

Coffee Fail!


  1. I had such empathy as I read your second paragraph. We don't ask for much... just a joyous first cup of coffee. Sorry you had to face an empty pot!

  2. oh, what a letdown! As a fellow coffee addict, I sympathize!

  3. I hear you on this one!
    My mug is beside me as I write.