Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cry of Help! (Slice of Life Story Day Three)

The other day I was bustling about a second grade classroom assisting them in finishing up their Keynote presentations on a famous American they had chosen to research about.  In this classroom there happens to be one particular student, let's call him H, that is very tech savvy for his age.  H was sitting on one side of the room zapping along swimmingly on his slideshow.  I was on the other side of the room working with another student.

Below is the conversation that transpired between H and I across the room.

H:  Mrs. B!

Me:  Yes H?  What's up?

H:  I deleted it!!!!  Help!!

Me:  What did you delete?

H:  The picture.  You know?  The box that we put the picture in?  (In second grade words this means the picture placeholder)

Me:  It's ok!  Just click on the picture you want from your picture folder and drag it anywhere on the white space.  Then you can move it around and change the size if you want.

H:  ......... (silence, picture an adorable, little boy staring at you with a very blank look)

Me:  H?  Do you understand what I am saying?

H: are...talking about!  (imagine big dramatic pauses in between the words)

Me (trying not to laugh at the dramatics):  It's ok!  I am on my way over to you H!

Lesson to all:  You might think they are tech savvy.  You might think they will know what you mean.  Be prepared for that blank look and the cry of "Help"!


  1. Hilarious! I feel that same way sometimes myself! Aren't our little friends the best?

  2. Thanks for the snippet of conversation -- it is powerful evidence in support of your point. I'm going to have to record a conversation for one of my Slices this month. :) Happy writing, Ruth

  3. I really can see the adorable little boy, and it makes me laugh!