Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interactive Timelines via Keynote

In history books across our world students have learned information through viewing timelines printed on the pages.  Students have passively read the information moving from left to right and taking in all the facts laid out for them.  Not any longer!  4th grade students have been taking their knowledge of Ohio history events and turning them into an interactive timeline!

Students first created a slide with a traditional looking timeline of events from Ohio's history.  Then they created hyperlinks on that timeline that link to additional slides describing each event in detail with a visual support of that event.  By doing this students have created an interactive timeline that viewers can pick and choose which events they want to click on and learn more about.

Through creating an Ohio history interactive timeline students utilized many skills simultaneously.  They needed to access their knowledge of Ohio history events and their details in order to create the slides depicting the individual events.  Students needed to show their understanding of intervals on a timeline accurately on the initial slide with their timeline.  Also, students worked on using a slideshow format to demonstrate their understanding Ohio history events.   This was a great way to integrate many skills together!


  1. Love this idea:-) You are so smart!

  2. Am forwarding to self and grade level as we start our Ohio History work!