Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team Work Makes the Dream Work (Slice of Life Story Day 2)

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work!" my husband jokingly said the other night while we were watching TV.  On the show we were watching there was a sign hanging in the background that promoted teamwork.  I laughed out loud at the saying as I honestly have never heard it before.

But isn't it true?  Doesn't teamwork make the dream work?

I believe so!  Every day there is a team of people that work together to make learning happen in our schools.   From teachers to administrators, bus drivers to custodians and parents to students it takes a community working together for learning to occur.

I, for one, would be lost without my team supporting me!

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  1. Yes, effective schools definitely depend on teams working together. I also feel fortunate to work at a school where there is so much collaboration and support.