Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slow Motion Noooooooo! (Slice of Life Story Day Nine)

So this morning I was quickly trying to do four things at once: drink the first cup of coffee of the day, eat breakfast, prep slow cooker dinner and make my lunch.  I should have known better than to try to juggle it all at the same time rather than do one thing at a time at that hour of the day!

The kitchen island countertop was cluttered with all the items I was trying to use at the same time.  Pork chops, cream of mushroom soup, coffee mug, bowl of oatmeal, lunch meat and the new jar of mayonnaise which would soon become my enemy of the day.

We all know that a new jar of mayonnaise is sealed for freshness and protection from other elements getting in.  We all know that at times that seal is sealed TIGHT and it seems like it would take an army to get the seal off.  This particular jar's seal over the opening of the jar must have been superglued to the rim for the broken nail I earned while trying to peel it off.  The next step was to get a knife and puncture the top to create a way in.  So I put my fingers in and starting to lift the paper seal off.  Then my fingers slipped and the paper started to snap back.

In slow motion this is what my eyes saw -
A huge white blob of mayonnaise leave the surface of the paper seal and start traveling towards my clean, cute brown sweater through the air.

In slow motion this is what my mind thought -

Sure enough it landed right smack in the middle of my sweater.  No worries, I wiped it off and all was well.

I guess I should have had the cup of coffee BEFORE trying to tackle everything at the same time!


  1. I read your title and thought: she's doing stopmotion!
    This was fun to read though. I felt like it was a slowmo Jackie Chan scene, with the mayo dangling in the air.

  2. I struggle with the way to write in slow motion in my own writing. When I crafted my slice today, http://slicesofmy2010life.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/canceled/, I thought about trying to recreate yesterday's fall in slow motion. I opted not to since I wasn't sure I was up to the challenge. Your writing makes me think that I should think about recreating that moment in slow-mo again.