Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning Mission Monday (Slice of Life Day Twenty-Nine)

Nick over at thenerdyteacher posted on his blog a Mission Monday challenge to those who wish to accept it.  Traditionally during the season of spring people engage in spring cleaning of their homes.  In his post he proposes that people also take the time to do some digital cleaning of their home and/or school computers.

I tend to be one of the those people that like to hold onto various items for memories, or to possibly be used later in life or with the hope that it will inspire me to try something new.  I am not a hoarder however!    When my husband and I moved into our house late last fall and we were packing our apartment up I got over saving some things really fast and let go of them either through pitching them or donating them.  Today as I move through cleaning our new house I need to keep this in mind to help me weed through things that really need to be kept or things that can be removed from our house.

I also need to repeat that practice and go through my laptop files, RSS feeds and bookmarks.  I am certain I will find some files that could be deleted and others that could be saved for the future.  My bookmarks definitely need reorganized and I have played with the idea of moving them over to a social bookmarking site like Delicious.  Maybe now is the time!  Also, my RSS feeds need to be weeded through so I can make some decisions of which I should keep, if I need to delete any or if there are any I need to add to my Google Reader.

So now that I have said I am going to do all of this I need to get moving on it all!    


  1. An inspiring post. I better get busy.

  2. Oh, good plan! I need to do the same on my work and home computers, without a doubt. Good luck with your spring cleaning. If you're having as dreary and rainy a day as we are in Brooklyn, this might be the perfect time for it!

  3. Oh I need to this too. Thank you for planting the seed!I have several computers and they all need cleaning. Unfortuanately, other places that need to be cleaned always trump the computers!

  4. What a great Slice. This weekend I spent some (well, lots) of time reorganizing my digital files. It feels just as good as organizing my house!
    Happy Spring Cleaning,