Sunday, March 7, 2010

Up Wins- Hooray! (Slice of Life Story Day Seven)

Tonight while watching the Annual Academy Awards I was very excited to watch Up win the Animated Feature Film Oscar!  I absolutely loved this movie and all of the great lessons it brought with it.  I have to admit I cried several times throughout this movie because of sadness and joy.  

The lesson of grieving after losing a loved one:  I could feel the sense of loss Carl felt when his wife, Ellie, passed on.  I wept openly for his feeling of loneliness that followed.  My heart felt pain for him when he "closed himself off" to others for awhile.  

The lesson of going on adventures:  From Carl and Ellie's adventures to the big adventure Carl and Russell go on through the movie, I appreciated the message to try new things even if they made you push your comfort level.  Carl always seemed a little hesitant at first in these adventures but in the end enjoyed himself. 

The lesson of friendship can span across ages:  I enjoyed how the story brought Carl and Russell together as friends even though the difference in their age.  I think young people can gain a lot from a friendship with an older person.  They can learn from them, and also have them as someone to turn to for support.  I also believe that older people benefit from a friendship with a young person.  They enjoy sharing their stories with others and also it helps keep them "young at heart".   

Kuddos to you, Up, for capturing all of these great lessons for young and old to hear!

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